Ms. Linda Bjork
Speaker | Author | Executive Coach | Founder of Mindfulness Intelligence (MQ)

Your lecture was a brilliant start to this year’s EWC and very appreciated by everyone. Wherever I turn and whomever I meet from the conference are talking about you. You gave us all such inspiration and energy! I am sincerely happy and grateful for your lecture, not just personally, but for all delegates.”


In Brief

Linda Bjork is a former decade-long CEO of what she built to become one of Scandinavia’s leading design and branding agencies. 

Known as a mind training pioneer as a CEO, Linda Bjork has developed a new intelligence system that reaches far beyond intellectual abilities and emotional intelligence called Mindfulness Intelligence™ (MQ).

With the principles of MQ, coupled with Linda's extensive experience from making real results happen in the business world, Linda guides executives to overcome the limitations of stress and defeating mindsets, and step in to powerful levels of impact, necessary for the success of modern leaders.

Linda authored the popular leadership development book “INNER BUSINESS, Training Your Mind For Leadership Success”.

In Depth

Linda grew up around leadership. Watching her dad, Claes, lead a global construction company as a CEO and Board Member, Linda observed up close the challenges of leadership at the time and how they changed over the years.

She would constantly question why there were so few women in leadership positions and on Boards, and was not satisfied with the answer “there simply aren’t enough qualified women to choose from”.

Other challenges stuck out as Linda was observing leaders in various positions. Leaders and Managers were often closed off to their emotions, stuck in square ways of getting things done, sucking it up with long hours to provide for their families — all the while not spending any time with them.

Something didn’t add up.

Why was business leadership so aggressive? Where were the compassionate and encouraging leaders that would be inspiring to work for? Why was kindness seen as weakness? And what was up with the limitations of creative and innovative thinking? Did the emotional shutdown also impede innovative abilities? Why did people literary working themselves to ill health and death? And again, why was there not more women in powerful positions? And other minorities?

Linda took all these questions to heart as she embarked on her own career as a leader. In an attempt to find answers, it lead her to become a pioneer in leadership and high performance using mindfulness, mind-training and self-awareness.

After a decade as a CEO in Sweden and the United States, a former Creative Director in Corporate America, and the past few years as a Transformational Leadership Coach working internationally with high performance and authentic leadership, Linda has proven that it is, indeed, possible for anyone to step in to impactful leadership; keeping calm, kind, sane, inclusive and innovative while lifting other people up, making great profits and bettering the world.

Linda is a trained MBSR Instructor (mindfulness based stress reduction), a Certified Executive Success Coach and an Ordained Interfaith Minister. Drawing from learnings from quantum mechanics, metaphysics, neuroscience, she is now using her combined insights of the inner prerequisites for success and the power of the human condition to help organizations and leaders unleash the fullness of their potential.

Linda lives and works in New York City with her daughter, their dog Lion King (he really does looks like a lion) and their blind cat Lucyboy.

I’m a CEO, I’ve been meditating since 1996, and I still believe in deodorant, having fun at work and making great profits.
— Linda Bjork