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I would strongly encourage you to refrain from rescheduling (or much less cancel), BUT IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO, please use the links provided in the Booking Confirmation email.

As you are the threshold of transforming your career and life to something you always have dreamt of (yes, that includes you skeptics!), you might not want to wait to fill up with more transformational inspiration until the call!

Therefore, let me gift you a few things right here:

  • A Master-Mind training webinar (58 golden min)

  • A video of The #1 Mistake I see great leaders make (4 quick min)

  • A great presence practice to do at any time of the day (3 relaxing min)

  • AND a strong encouragement to join me and 1600+ other women leaders in the Facebook group “How To Win In Leadership Without Losing Yourself”.

All of this is free - and so is your Discovery call coming up!

To your greatness! / Linda


Master-Mind Training: How To Win In Leadership Without Losing Yourself - A 5 Step Strategy Top Female Executives Use to Beat Exhaustion, Cut Stress Levels in Half, and Get To A Whole Level of Impact in Their Leadership.


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