Meditation is our best known vehicle on the path to higher levels of awareness. By now, there is an overwhelming amount of scientific proof of the benefits of meditation: how it changes our brain, restores function, reduces stress, improves work capacity, increases creativity and lots more. We hear stories from business leaders, athletes, politicians and rock stars who all point to meditation as their saving grace for handling life and staying happy on the top. In concert with its increased popularity, meditation has grown from something incense-smelling super-weird to a very loose term for anything that entails relaxing or closing your eyes. Since meditation can be a life-changer for anyone, it’s worth spending a little time conversing about.

The way I see it, you are already an expression of consciousness. You were made from love, joy and peace. Not from your parents, but from spirit. By meditating, you simply take away the clutter that is in the way for your already natural relationship to your higher non-ego self and everyone else connected with divine intelligence. This is the space where you experience who you really are behind all the built up bullshit with which we have learned to identify. Meditation is not a magic practice that requires yoga pants and flying carpets. You don’t even have to buy a super-special meditation pillow. You only need yourself.

Since I have had a daily meditation practice for almost twenty years now, I have tried just about anything to cheat my way in to making it easier or even obsolete. I mean, who has time with this sitting still nonsense anyway? I have experimented with shorter meditations, observed the effects of skipping meditation, combined my meditation with other activities (don’t ask), tried relaxing sleep postures – and here’s what I have found. 

A meditation practice is not a relaxation exercise. A meditation practice is not going for a run. A meditation practice is not introspection. A meditation practice is not walking the dog, drawing with the kids or watching any kind of TV anything. And despite what some popular life coaches turned spiritual say, a meditation practice is not enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a book in a café, even if it “works for you”. 

I am not saying that life itself cannot be experienced in a meditative state, of course it can! Both in and out of coffee shops. And I for one love it. But to get there and to reach higher levels of awareness, to reap the deeper juice from meditation, we better accept that it takes practice and that learning meditation from proven methods is a wise choice. Going from a stressful life of waking up with the smart phone and going to bed with a head full of worries, to suddenly living life in full presence and peace is perhaps setting the bar a little too high. 

And it’s okay that meditation takes practice. Meditation will create space in your mind where you can see virtually everything you do with greater clarity. In meditation, you will rest in the peace that arises from non-thought. Meditation will heal your nervous system at a deeper level than while you sleep. Meditation will melt away your deepest-rooted fears that no intellectual therapy can ever reach. In meditation, you will experience an alert presence that connects you to love and the love of everyone and everything else. 

Are you ready to begin?


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