Part of taking care of your INNER BUSINESS is taking care of your ability to deal with stress and being present. A scientifically proven method for this is to practice mindfulness, or MBSR "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" as the teaching is called. This is the practicing of non-judgmental awareness in the present moment.

A mindfulness practice involves both formal and informal meditations. Below you will find a guided meditation (audio stream or download) for a formal BODY SCAN meditation that takes 7.5 minutes. Teacher voice: Linda Bjork.

With this meditation, we practice sustaining our attention on our bodies, our breath, bodily sensations, or anything else that arises in each moment. Meditating is like going to the gym for your mind. Every time you bring your mind back to the present moment through focused attention, you have completed a biceps curl, so to speak. The more you practice, the stronger your mind gets. 


Click on the play button to start the meditation.



For those interested in reading up on mindfulness and the effects of meditation, here are some solid articles on the subject:

Harvard Business Review: Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain by Christina Congleton, Britta K. Hölzel, Sara W. Lazar

"Mindfulness should no longer be considered a “nice-to-have” for executives. It’s a “must-have”:  a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision-making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress."

The NY Times: At Aetna, A CEO's Management by Mantra by David Gelles

"The health insurer also offers its workers meditation classes. Nearly a third of the company's 50,000 employees have taken a class. Aetna says participants show increased productivity, and report less stress and pain."

Forbes: 7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change The Brain by Alice G Walton

"Interestingly but not surprisingly, one of the central benefits of meditation is that it improves attention and concentration: One recent study found that just a couple of weeks of meditation training helped people’s focus and memory during the verbal reasoning section of the GRE. In fact, the increase in score was equivalent to 16 percentile points, which is nothing to sneeze at."