“Any professional will benefit from reading this book! Linda is funny as hell, deeply wise and most certainly the real deal.” - Christina Knight, Author "Mad Women - A Herstory of Advertising"

Former agency executive Linda Björk, a.k.a. “The Meditating CEO”, knows how to use mindfulness and mind skills to unleash leadership success and bottom-line results beyond your wildest imagination. Her inspiring stories and transformative program will have you know:

  • The difference between a gassy stomach and a gut feeling

  • How an imagination train is better than a gravy train

  • How to focus and what to focus on (that’s actually a biggie)

  • How kindness is one of the sharpest choices you can make

  • How you are the boss of your life (like, completely)

  • How you can be, round figures, 100% more intelligent

  • How to stop being exhausted all the time—and other mind-skills for inspirational leadership in our transparent, ever-changing world.

You will also be introduced to Mr. Stress, Mr. Ego and Mr. Autopilot, and how to best deal with the lot of them. All this from a CEO who has been meditating since 1996 and still believes in deodorant, having fun at work and making great profits.