Ship 1 book: INNER BUSINESS - Training Your Mind for Leadership Success


Ship 1 book: INNER BUSINESS - Training Your Mind for Leadership Success


Softcover, 272 pages, 6x9in. 

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“Linda is captivating both as a speaker and as a writer - her much-needed messages truly stike a chord with executives!”

- Ann-Christine Langselius, PhD, MBA, Inventor/CEO Miraculum, Austin, TX

“I’m not very zen and really didn’t think meditation was for me. Linda’s methods have proven me wrong. Now I handle stress much better, my memory has improved significantly and I have gone through the most anxiety ridden time of the year at work feeling fine!”

- Lenina C. Trinidad, Esq, Senior Staff AttorneyFamily Law/Domestic Violence, NYC  

“Linda has humor, is professional and very competent!”

- Lena Sörensson, HR Director at Andra AP-Fonden, Gothenburg, Sweden


Former creative agency executive Linda Björk knows how to use mindfulness and mind skills to unleash leadership success and bottom-line results beyond your wildest imagination. 

Björk’s new book Inner Business follows the steps of her mind-training program (Being, Focus, Power and Spark). You will go from being stuck to feeling free as you occasionally cringe and laugh from the stories shared from Björk’s not-always-so-charming life in the ego-ridden business lane. 

Her inspiring stories, sharp methods and transformative practices will have you know:

 The difference between a gassy stomach and a gut feeling,

 That an imagination train is better than a gravy train,

 How to focus and what to focus on (that’s actually a biggie),

 How to be a power gainer and not a power drainer,

 How kindness is one of the sharpest choices you can make,

 How you are the boss of your life (like, completely),

 How you can be, round figures, 100% more intelligent,

 How to have your staff always do their best for you and other mind-skills for inspirational leadership in our new reality.

Instead of repeating dire figures on over-worked, burned-out and psychologically drained managers, and describing why it’s so hard to lead a constantly tired, disengaged workforce on sick-leave, Inner Business provides solutions. 

Inner Business makes mindfulness relevant to your business life. You will also be introduced to Mr. Stress, Mr. Ego and Mr. Autopilot, and how to best deal with the lot of them. All this from a CEO who has been meditating since 1996 and still believes in deodorant, having fun at work and making great profits.

If you are ready to stop blaming everything and everybody (including yourself), you are ready to get your inner business in order—and you won’t even know what hit you as you suddenly find yourself having purposeful fun on the top-shelf.


Printed in the United States as a pre-printed version of the book with the same name and same content that will be released within short under Balboa Press.