As a long-time branding expert and creative industry CEO, Ms Bjork is convinced that the best road to real success is by aligning Leadership skills with mindful Branding efforts.

BJORK BUSINESS™ has a mindful approach to branding. And with mindful, we mean integrated, purposeful, relevant and authentic - all of which are required for brand success today. Our tools are based on emotional intelligence and soulful drivers, supported by a clear structural foundation for your organization, your brand, your storytelling and your appearance.


How is your organization doing? Are you doing well? Making money? Is it purposeful? Does it help people lead better lives? Do people who work for you feel good and perform their best? Does your organization make sense to stakeholders? To the market? 

BJORK BUSINESS™ helps companies with organizational charting and portfolio structuring. Time and again, it is evident that companies with a talent structure and product portfolio that resonate with the brand’s purposeful core stand to be true winners in business development.



Relevance is key in any point in the branding process. With an internal reverence and an external relevance, you are maximizing the meaning of brand ownership. Do you experience an internal reverence for your brand? Do you know how relevant your brand really is? 

BJORK BUSINESS™ has developed a brand relevance system to detect the level of relevance for different touch-points around a brand. The BJORK BUSINESS™ BRAND RELEVANCE SYSTEM connects your brand's relationship to current trends and identifies trend curve target point. When you know how and on what levels your brand is actually halting, solutions are easily found and efficiently executed.



Did you notice, that nothing in marketing is what it used to be? People (previously called Consumers) are very sensitive to what they support and why. Anyone who crosses your brand's path is a potential Responder to your brand (previously called the Target Audience). The stories told about your brand are unpredictable and flexible, told by anyone (previously just Your Story told over and over again, by You). And here you are, finding yourself becoming a Responder (previously Brand Controller) to stories told about your brand. Yes, it's confusing.

Everything is moving and influencing everything and anyone at any time. But there is a way to make sense of the madness: with a BJORK BUSINESS™ STORYTELLING.  



How do you appear in the world? Does your look match your visions? Does your voice resonate with your message? Does your appearance optimize your opportunities to make waves in the marketplace? Does how you feel about it resonate with feedback from responders to your brand? 

BJORK BUSINESS™ specializes in identity development, including visual representation, naming and tone of voice. With high sensitivity to retail trends and visual preferences in the market place BJORK BUSINESS™ creates effective brand identities relevant to the brand, the market and business development.



Here are some of the brands and companies that Ms Bjork has worked with in the last decade. Responsibilities have included brand strategy, emotional positioning, business development support, trend analysis, future trend prediction, focus group strategy and execution, storytelling mapping, concept development, plus design of identity, logotype, packaging and peripherals. 


If you are ready to develop your brand and learn how to GET your inner BUSINESS RIGHT, please contact the BJORK BUSINESS™ team at