A whole new - attainable - way of becoming the best leader ever!

The EWMQ™ Master Mind Program is developed by former CEO, Author and Executive Transformational Coach Linda Bjork to help already accomplished women leaders reach even higher levels of wellbeing, impact and leadership. 

Through a new intelligence system for leaders, executive women develop the mental, emotional and energetic skillset that prepares them to excel amidst the complexity of modern leadership. 

For optimal efficiency EWMQ is taught on three different levels of learning. During an 8-week immersion, 8 modules in a very specific order are thoroughly explored.

Executives, here is what you specifically get: 

1) Classrooms with transformational content that open up weekly - with lectures and exercises, creating a new leading-edge super platform to grow from, fortifying you with everything you’ve been missing in your leadership training, one solid layer at a time.

2) Private one-on-one coaching sessions with Linda ensures that you get out of the stress, frustration or maybe even workplace trauma, and makes the whole program completely relevant to the exact leadership dreams that YOU want to start calling reality.

3) A weekly group training call with all the other international women leaders in the group is a terrific opportunity to “stay the course”, get deeper training, and to get the support of other women leaders from different places in the world, on the same journey to leadership excellence as you. 

How Do You Sign Up?

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. To know if you and EWMQ are a great match, please watch the free webinar “Your Leadership Dream - 5 Steps to Double Your Income and Triple Your Impact”

2. Book a free breakthrough call with us. The breakthrough call can be booked at the end of the webinar or by clicking here.

3. If we decide on the call that we are a fit, you can jump right in to the program and see absolutely transformative results within as little as one week.

What do women leaders say after the EWMQ Program?

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