Creating a calm and focused space within yourself can help you significantly in lowering your stress levels and regain access to parts of your brain that will help you problem-solve, be creative, strategic - even pleasant! Please enjoy this 3-minute guided meditation for free by Linda Bjork. This is a mindfulness breathing meditation, as taught in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses.


You inspire and I feel significantly better. I have gained inner calm and strength. Fantastic!! The best part is that I feel more harmonious, have better focus and feel more creative. 
J. Karlsson, Category Manager, Orkla, Stockholm


You Need To Read This! "What a combination! As a CEO and mindfulness expert, her book is the essence of what we all need for success and sanity. Linda is truly focused on how to live and work most intelligently in this ever changing world. You need to read this humorous and intelligent book!"
--Carole Hyatt, Author, Speaker, and CEO of Mission: Getting to Next

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