Come learn the most vital steps toward emotional freedom, mental clarity and a whole new level of business success.


Based on the principles of Ms Björk’s new book "INNER BUSINESS Training Your Mind For Leadership Success", this one-day certification course will leave you well-equipped to deal with the three biggest obstacles standing in the way for your personal wellbeing and professional success, namely Mr. Stress, Mr. Ego and Mr. Autopilot. The book is included in the registration fee.


You inspire and I feel significantly better. I have gained inner calm and strength. Fantastic!! The best part is that I feel more harmonious, have better focus and feel more creative. 
J. Karlsson, Category Manager, Orkla, Stockholm

“I’m not very zen and really didn’t think meditation was for me. Linda’s methods have proven me wrong. Now I handle stress much better, my memory has improved significantly and I have gone through the most anxiety ridden time of the year at work feeling fine!”
–Lenina C. Trinidad, Esq, Senior Staff Attorney, Family Law/Domestic Violence, NYC  

“Linda has humor, is professional and very competent!”
–Lena Sörensson, HR Director at Andra AP-Fonden, Gothenburg, Sweden



This course is a hands-on experiential course where Linda Bjork teaches her most effective inner business tools.

After this course, you will have several tools for:

  • Stress Management
    You will have new insight about the impact of the culture of stress around you, about the addictive components of stress, and most importantly what you can do throughout the work-day with short tools that will significantly lower your stress levels.

  • Mindfulness
    The brain doesn't rest unless we learn how to guide it in to stillness. That's why many successful business innovators meditate. We will go through and experience all four methods of formal mindfulness meditations; breathing, walking, body scan and mindful movement - all of which will be recorded for you.

  • Mind/Focus Skills
    You will know how you can steer your own mind to being much more present. With presence comes focus, clarity and the ability to make decisions with a calm mind. With new-found brain knowledge and simple mind-tricks, you will not waste energy on unnecessary stuff.

  • Self-Awareness
    Perhaps most importantly, you will be lead through some of the most effective ways to get to know yourself in a deeper way. As you learn how to connect with yourself on a real-life basis, you will finally be able to live on purpose in your professional life.

At the completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance for How To Get Your Inner Business In Order, Level 1, specifying the main components of the course.