BJORK BUSINESS™ offers thought-leading leadership programs DESIGNED to increase your bottom-line while raising your awareness, efficiency and leadership to a whole new level. 

BJORK BUSINESS™ offers programs that specifically expand leadership intelligence and strengthen the inner power of leaders, managers and teams. The programs combine MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), Success Coaching and a proprietary Leadership Awareness Matrix system

(4 or 8 WEEKS)

This program makes modern business sense of ancient mind training wisdom. 

Most leaders want to build profitable and healthy organizations that make a positive impact in the world. This is not possible with untrained minds and overwhelming stress.
• Between poor decision-making and burn-outs, stress has become hugely expensive for most organizations.
• Companies feel the negative impact of unfocused and overwhelmed managers.
• Business development suffers from limited thinking and lack of alertness and calm.

The course is a company group on-site program held during 4 or 8 weeks, with one 90-minute meeting each week. The program is designed to reduce stress-levels, increase focus, build mental strength and collaborative skills, boost self-confidence, joy and self-awareness, and make participants more creative, productive and innovative. All qualities of which will ultimately improve the company's bottom-line.

This program is not department specific and can be held for a variety of different leaders. Daily homework between meetings will be assigned. 

(4 or 8 WEEKS)

Based on the BJORK BUSINESS™ LEADERSHIP MBSR MIND-TRAINING PROGRAM I, this course deepens the insights and practices for effective business development and growth-focused leadership.

Through the Being, Focus, Power and Spark modules, leaders deepen their ability to be resilient, mature and powerful, regardless of circumstance. Participants explore their inner business from an expanded notion of intelligence and their ability to engage, inspire and create new levels of results.

This 4 or 8-week program is not department specific and can be held for a variety of different leaders. Daily homework between meetings will be assigned. 


This intensive workshop is held two consecutive days and is offered either for a company or special interest group, preferably on an off-site location.

The program uses meditation techniques from mindfulness and explores all modules of the leadership system: FOCUS, BEING, POWER AND SPARK.

This "boost camp" is sure to leave participants eager to see themselves and their leadership in a new light - and immediately start applying their new-found tools for a more effective and joyous leadership; with more effective and joyous results.


Ms Bjork offers one-on-one strategic success coaching in New York City or via Skype. The coaching can be as a means to deepen abilities for business development, emotional intelligence -- and awareness in the meeting of self, other people or a whole group. Ms Bjork is frequently brought in as strategic support in hiring processes and other business expansion situations.

BJORK BUSINESS™ Leadership Programs are based on the notion that any leader and any organization has the innate intelligence to change any challenging circumstance to one of personal benefit, great business results and a better world. 

For a decade as a CEO, Linda Bjork built one of Scandinavia's most successful design and branding agencies. Ms Bjork has had the benefit of testing different business development methods in combination with mindfulness meditation in a real life setting -- with real results. These purpose-driven organizational tools and inner-focused leadership methods stem from themes such as innovation, awareness and authenticity. The programs have been fine-tuned over the years and have served Ms Bjork's previous organization with top industry business results, including a sizable creative staff and several global clients. These inner power tools for business resilience have been further developed and are now made available through BJORK BUSINESS™.

If you are ready to develop your inner business as a leader, please contact the BJORK team at