Imagine a few months from now; You are on your way to work, feeling calm, confident, appreciated, and excited about yet another day when you are experiencing yourself as balanced, aligned professional - and finally living up the fullness of your potential. 

That really CAN be you.

Linda and her team are offering two different types of programs: One that makes you part of a community of top-shelf leaders who are on the same quest as you and where you are coached personally by Linda. The other program counts on you to be self sufficient as you go through the program on your own time and will.

What both programs have in common is that hundreds of people like you have gained even greater and deeper insights in to how to become the absolutely best leader they can be, how to navigate the challenging waters of constant change and - let’s face it - a lot of difficult people with which we have to collaborate and lead.

With these programs, you will get to know the inner workings of your self, including the very functions that stand in the way for you, how to overcome harmful stress, how our own neurology is pulling a bit of a prank on our greatness, and when you are done you will carry a very handy tool belt for anything related to stress, focus, energy, wellbeing and power of influence.




This is The Transformer of All Leadership Programs for Women Leaders. This international 8-week program conducted online is the most life-changing and career-boosting program out there. If you get accepted in to this program, you will enjoy three different levels of learning for transformational results: Classrooms with new cutting-edge modules and trainings released each week; Personal coaching with Linda Bjork; and An international network of women leaders receiving live training together each week.

From Graduates:

Screen Shot EWMQ1.png

Because of the hands-on time commitment from Linda, there is always a limited number of seats open.

To find out more and see if you and EWMQ are the perfect fit, please click here!




For all men who are stomping at the bits to join this very powerful program, good news! Early 2020, we are opening up an MQ Mastermind Program for all types of executives! Click here to contact us if you want to find out more.

In the meanwhile, there are several formats of MQ workshops taught directly to organizations. If your company is ready for a whole new level of leadership, innovation and engagement, email us to find out how to make it happen.




“Mindfulness may be a household name by now, but no one teaches mindfulness, mind skills and business savviness like Linda. She mixes science, humor and deep insights in to personal development - truly engaging and transformative!”
- Mark A. Pfister, Author, Board Expert, NY


If you are ready to dip your toes in to the vast ocean of your full potential, starting with a self-lead online course is a great option, specifically designed for professionals.

This is an 8-week online course with new educational content dripping down every week for eight weeks. The course is based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mind Skills, Success Coaching and the course book INNER BUSINESS Training Your Mind for Leadership Success.

The book is included in the course fee and will be sent to you promptly at signup.